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According the U.S. Congressional the ocean’s surface temperature.

In maritime and offshore,

Budget Of? ce (CBO) April 2019 report, “To our knowledge, OceanTherm is

Norway is hallowed hurricane damage is expected to exact the only company that is seriously pur- an annual economic loss of around $54 suing the idea of ? nding a solution on ground for innovation. billion to the U.S. economy, exacting a the increasing hurricane challenge in

The latest entrant is heavy toll on households and commer- the world,” said Olav Hollingsaeter, cial businesses, particularly the coastal CEO, OceanTherm. “Our research so

OceanTherm, a team of maritime and offshore oil and gas in- far shows promising results, and we scientists and innovators frastructures. In the midst of a historic feel an obligation to go the distance that propose its ‘Bubble 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which needed to ? nd out if our solution can at press time included an unprecedented be proved at scale.”

Curtain’ Technology could 24 tropical or subtropical cyclones, 23 Founded in 2017, OceanTherm is effectively help reduce named storms, eight hurricanes, and two aiming to use the same technology to major hurricanes, those costs can be ex- lower the sea surface temperature for a the power of hurricanes. pected to rise. short time to prevent devastating natu-

We recently spoke

Enter OceanTherm and its innovative ral disasters. Hurricanes are generated with Olav and Oliver ‘Bubble Curtain’ technology, a tech- when masses of hot and cold air col- nology which has been used in smaller lide above warm ocean water, and hur-

Hollingsaeter for scale in Norway for more than 50 years ricanes obtain their energy from the insights on the pace and to keep from fjords from freezing over; ocean surface when the surface water a technology which when scaled up of- temperature is above 80 °F.

direction of the research fers promise to temporarily reduce hur- The bubble curtain works by lifting and development.

ricane severity by effectively reducing colder water from an optimal depth, de-

Surface to SeafoorSurface to Seafoor

Our suite of sensors set the standard on performance and durability.Our suite of sensors set the standard on performance and durability.

200WX-IPX7 EchoRange™ 200 kHz 200m Mini Altimeter Kit

WeatherStation® Instrument Smart™ Sensor Ultra compact design

Proven, reliable weather Portable Hydrographic Survey for UUV’s and ROV’s. multisensor for stationary or Autonomous Surface Drones Low power consumption.

dynamic platforms. Hydrodrones


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