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OceanTherm is the only company that is seriously pursuing the idea of ? nding a solution on the increasing hurricane challenge in the world.” – Olav Hollingsaeter,

CEO, OceanTherm pending on the temperature, and mixing based on research, the colder water will ing to the Hollingsaeter team, a prime it with the warm surface water, effective- spread out with the help of the currents area for the system could be the stretch ly reducing the sea surface, aiming for and in? uence a larger area, like the between Florida and Cuba. a temperature below 80°F, temporarily. coast of Florida. While much study and development

By cooling the surface water, the bubble The system could be permanently in- remains to be done, particularly in re- curtain would potentially deprive the stalled, with a projected lifespan of 50 spect to its impact on the environment, hurricanes of a critical energy source, years according to Olav Hollingsaeter, or Oliver Hollingsaeter points out that the potentially minimizing its strength and it could be deployed as a mobile solutions. bubble curtain only changes the water de-energizing the destructive storms be- The ? xed system would be perma- temperature for a short period of time, fore they make landfall. nently installed across a narrow straight, minimizing long-term effects of sea-lev- would cost approximately $550 million el temperature change and surrounding for 30 miles of bubble curtain installed ecosystems.

How Does it Work?

A “Bubble Curtain” is a perforated at a depth of 500 ft.,” according to Oli- Current partners include SINTEF Nor- pipe lowered in the water, placed across ver Hollingsaeter, Business Develop- way, an independent research organi- a stretch of ocean (such as as a nar- ment, OceanTherm. This solution would zation; Research Council of Norway a row straight) and works by supplying include 1GW of compressors – or 20 Norwegian government agency; Inno- bubbles of compressed air to the deep. 50-MW compressors, with a cumulative vation Norway a state-owned company

When the bubbles rise, they bring the OPEX of about $80 million per year. and a national development bank, and cold deep-sea water to the surface, and The Mobile solution would depend MTI Startup, an early stage investment this cold water cools the warm ocean on a ? eet of up to 20 rental vessels, a company and a part of MicroTech Inno- surface for a short period of time. modular solution that could cost any- vation’s system based in Vestfold.

Strong ocean currents can be con- where between $100 and $300 million OceanTherm is in the midst of arrang- sidered the engine of the solution. By OPEX depending on the size, location ing investors and research partners in placing a system in strategic positions, and duration of the operation. Accord- the U.S. to participate in the project.

12 October 2020

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