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SEISMIC and CLOUD COMPUTING interpretation, to extract fresh insights oil companies will also need to invest in sharing of data by allowing the analysis from existing data libraries, a low-cost high-performance computer software to of data to be undertaken where the data workstream. The value is especially improve ef? ciency. If the new system is is stored. high for multi-client datasets, which are not embraced in one go, companies will not always processed to the standard be forced to support two systems – the The current climate required for quantitative interpreta- new one and the legacy one. This will As we are entering the next phase tion. Cloud computing allows for larger drive up costs. Further to this, regard- of Covid-19, it is helpful to look at pre-stack data sets to be processed in a less of when the new system is imple- what has happened in the seismic sec- shorter space of time compared to nor- mented, staff will require training, and tor. While there have been casualties mal computer infrastructure. the expense of installing new processes of the crisis, not all projects have been

The use of pre-stack data allows us- will need to be made. While there is an shut down. Some, more innovative oil ers to leverage 100% of their existing appetite for embracing new technolo- companies, are still pursuing transfor- seismic data library. By undertaking gies now, companies would do well to mation initiatives with cloud vendors. in-house reprocessing and seismic in- make use of this. Employees across the board are open to version on existing data via the cloud, exploring new work methods and tech- operators can mature prospects and op- nologies, and are keen to learn. With New architectures, new technologies timize drilling locations during a down- Embracing cloud can further facilitate Rystad Energy stating there has been ‘a turn. This activity could be looked on growth and other innovations, such as clear growth in cost-saving remote work favorably by governments as a low-cost, machine learning and arti? cial intelli- technologies’ during this time. This is ef? cient workstream. gence, to become embedded within the the natural reaction to a sector that has company. Expanding elastic comput- already acted fast to embrace webinars

Remote working ing infrastructure and the cloud, allows and other online learning platforms to

Covid-19 has shown companies that companies to explore the potential that replace the traditional conference cir- having a remote workforce is possible. newer innovations can have and ensures cuit, for now.

Public clouds offer a new way to work. the company is set up for when these The Rystad Energy report provided

Transitioning to cloud-based comput- technologies become the norm. further hope that this time is one of re- ers, will remove a degree of business Legacy applications that are retained evaluating priorities, stating that: uncertainty. It will guarantee compa- will need to be rewritten from scratch to “Given the limited options of low- nies, and their respective boards and take advantage of client-server comput- hanging cost savings in the current investors, that the systems they have ing capabilities. This will create oppor- downturn, operators and suppliers are in place can support an army of remote tunities for new entrants in the geosci- looking towards digital technologies to workers should another large-scale in- ence computing market. realize cost ef? ciencies.” cident occur in the future. This level However, with the above opportunities of insurance will mean companies are to a develop a more agile and modern

Collaboration more likely to adopt the cloud transi- Regardless of whether staff are work- sector, there comes with them a hum- tion with a big bang, rather than via a ing from home or the of? ce, collabo- bling thought. This is not a temporary slow evolutionary process. ration with partners and external third blip and it will last, at least, until there is

Often, the attitude was that one would parties is a requirement of the seismic a vaccine. What can be done is to imple- learn new skills when they had the time sector. When data is stored on a public ment clever changes into business mod- to do it. Coronavirus has presented the cloud, data can be shared quickly and els now, so that they are setup to cope sector with that time to drive big chang- easily among partners with equal access with challenges such as this one, and es forward now. possible for all involved in the project. others, into the future.

With data security an executive-level It will take 1-2 years to know fully the

Cost savings concern, companies need to know that, extent of Covid-19, but one thing is cer-

Existing computing infrastructures are when employees are working on a proj- tain. Those companies that acted fast to a sunk cost for oil companies. Maintain- ect with a partner, the system is secure. adapt to the changing landscape will be ing existing computer systems requires The cloud is a natural collaboration tool better equipped to thrive over the years budget every year and, at some point, and easily facilitates the safe and secure to come. 16 October 2020

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