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Ocean Observation U.S. Navy’s RDML John Okon unmanned systems become on

MK18 family of unmanned underwater the tactical advantage. Coupled with ef- land and in the air? systems demonstrated that unmanned ? ciency in data handling, dissemination systems can extend the Fleet’s reach, di- and onboard processing Naval Ocean- People often tout power management rect our talented members to other tough ography will maintain our advantage in as the greatest limitation, but we have problems, and improve war? ghter safe- the information age. been making steady advances in en- ty. The Navy has continued to invest in durance. In reality, true autonomy and developing the systems that enhance our extended communications remain the

When you look at the unmanned war? ghting posture, keep our Sailors barriers to broad ocean unmanned op- marine systems today, as a and Marines safe, and keep our adver- erations. Marine surface and submerged whole, what do you see as the saries at distance. As AI, autonomy, and systems operate in very hostile environ- number one technical challenge/ endurance mature and improve our abil- ments and are challenged daily by that hurdle to make these systems ity to sense the environment and grow environment. The communications to as prevalent as we’ve seen

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