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Ocean Observation U.S. Navy’s RDML John Okon

Looking at the full scope of In your career, what do you count 1. A greater understanding of the responsibility under your as the number one technology ocean environment based on in situ en- command, can you distill what evolution that has helped vironmental measurements. you count as the top three or four oceanographers to do their jobs 2. The enhanced ability to have an advantages/enablers that come more safely, more ef? ciently. unmanned asset in areas of the world with a larger, more capable and where a manned surface ship is not Technology is important and it seems connected unmanned maritime permissible. Imagine surveying in the like many folks are chasing the next best system ? eet?

Arctic or Antarctic regions that are chal- thing.

Fortunately, Naval Oceanography has lenging to reach by other methods. A In my opinion, it is the commitment fought through the COVID-19 crisis by networked connected ? eet of autono- from every aspect of our country, from keeping all six of our oceanographic mous sensor packages could meet that government, to academia to industry, to survey ships conducting critical mis- challenge. work together to solve hard problems in sions for the U.S. Navy. 3. The force multiplication effect of the ocean for our economic prosperity

Unmanned systems served as a piv- having a network of UxS systems (air, and defense of our country. The ocean otal part of our capability and enable surface and subsurface) in theater, pro- has no borders, we must work together us to collect critical oceanographic and viding relevant operationally impor- to develop a culture of connectedness bathymetric information to enable ? eet tant environmental data in advance of ... in the end our greatest advantage is operations. Their top three capabilities manned platforms allowing for a clear people and partnerships. include: picture for the war? ghter.

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