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EvoLogics Debuts PingGuin AUV

EvoLogics GmbH celebrated the com- drag coef? cients in the water. pany’s 20th anniversary with the release Hence, the design choices for the of the PingGuin, an AUV with low-drag vehicle’s components were directed at bionic design. The vehicle was devel- maintaining the shape and contour of an oped as part of the MUM collaborative idealized penguin-like spindle to maxi-

R&D project. Outstanding hydrodynamic mize the drag ef? ciency, so the AUV has properties of a penguin’s body became the very few protruding parts that affect its starting point for the AUV design within hydrodynamic performance.

the NaviMUM subproject, assigned to The NaviMUM PingGuin is intended for

EvoLogics. use as a multifunctional communication

Acoustic Data

One of the EvoLogics co-founders, Dr. node. It would operate in a self-coordi-

Rudolph Bannasch studied Adélie pen- nated AUV swarm that enables adaptable

Retainer guins and the effectiveness of their loco- positioning and communication scenarios

Acoustic Data, eveloped a motion since the 80s, undertaking several for the MUM system. Each vehicle carries new slickline deployed high ? eld trips to the Antarctic and performing a built-in streamlined EvoLogics USBL expansion retainer for cement numerous wind tunnel and water tank modem for underwater data transfers and and metal alloy plug and experiments in Berlin. This research dem- position estimations, the modem features abandonment (P&A) applica- onstrated that spindle-shaped ? ow bodies, an integrated atomic clock for precise syn- tions. In the case of new- modeled after penguins, achieve ultra-low chronization of the acoustic network. generation metal alloy plugs, the HEX-Retainer can be integrated with the company’s

SonicGauge Plug Veri? cation

System (PVS) for real-time long-term barrier integrity monitoring purposes.

The SonicGauge PVS uses wireless communication in the form of acoustic telemetry to transmit downhole pressure measured below the barrier to surface, or alternatively, in deep-set applications.


Meet the Riptide UUV-12

BAE Systems unveiled the newest addition to its unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) portfolio, the Riptide UUV-12. The 12-in. diameter vehicle is the company’s entry into the medium UUV market – joining three small

UUV variants – and marks the ? rst new vehicle since last year’s acquisi- tion of Riptide Autonomous Solutions. “The Riptide UUV-12 system signi? cantly extends the Riptide family of UUVs by taking us into the medium UUV market,” said Jeff Smith, chief scientist at BAE Systems’

FAST Labs research and development organization. “With this medium- size platform, we are strategically aligning our modular, open architecture- based UUV platform to meet rapidly expanding applications and require- ments.”

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