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Green Ship Technologies

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Propelled into a

Kinder Future

All Photos courtesy Kongsberg

Kongsberg Maritime is devoting much time and effort to the re? nement of innovative propulsion solutions which promote sustainability.

ith climate change and designed to run cleanly, ef? ciently and unit we have been able to streamline wa- green operation at the frugally, reduce component wear and ter ? ow, reduce drag and recover energy top of the maritime produce the smallest carbon footprint which would otherwise be wasted, lead-

Wagenda, operators of wa- possible. Marine systems provider ing to a signi? cant improvement in hy- tercraft ranging from ferries, ice break- Kongsberg Maritime are a key player in drodynamic ef? ciency. This ef? ciency ers and coast guard boats to offshore the development of these technologies, gain is between 2-6% for twin-screw support and naval vessels are under and as part of their holistic approach vessels and 3-8% for single-screw craft, immense legal and ethical pressure to have examined every aspect of the sys- with scope for further performance and adjust their working practices to deliver tem, from the power source to the ? nal manoeuvring enhancements, depending maximum sustainability. But while reg- drive. Crucially, considerable research on where the rudder is situated in the ulations may force operators to lower has been devoted to the design and con- slipstream.” fuel consumption and reduce emissions ? guration of propeller and propulsion Hydrodynamic ef? ciency and opera- as a means to lessen damage to marine systems which ensure that power and tional sustainability are also key design environments, these changes inevita- fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. characteristics of Kongsberg Maritime’s bly bring a corresponding reduction in ELegance pod system range. Each mod- long-term operating costs. Taking the Ef? ciency Gain el deploys a permanent magnet electric appropriate proactive steps to safeguard As a result of extensive analysis and motor ? tted directly onto the propeller the oceans will increase a company’s model testing, Kongsberg Maritime is shaft and a ‘Twin Tail’ design devised pro? t while improving its reputation able to offer a variety of ? exible propul- to decrease the noise, vibration and as a responsible, lawful and far-sighted sion solutions which support the twin improving margins against cavitation. employer; a rare situation in which ev- goals of optimizing energy usage and Requiring very little lubrication oil and eryone and everything bene? ts. mitigating environmental impact. “A protected with a double barrier seal, the

A fundamental contributor to lower- good example is our Promas propulsion unit’s environmental credentials can be ing fuel usage and meeting the UN’s and maneuvering system,” said Göran further improved with the battery en-

Sustainable Development Goals has Grunditz, Head of Kongsberg’s Hydro- ergy storage functionality provided by been the re? nement of electric and hy- dynamic Research Center. “ By integrat- Kongsberg’s SAVe electric systems, brid power technologies, speci? cally ing the propeller and rudder into a single which can feed power to the pods con- 44 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • May 2021

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